FOP Votes Tonight to Rescind Vote to Provide Bisard Legal Defense

Last month, you may remember that the FOP voted to pay for the legal defense of IMPD Officer David Bisard.  Tonight, the FOP will hold a meeting and a vote to rescind the earlier vote that approved providing the legal defense for Bisard.

We’re hearing that many members of the FOP were outraged by the vote to provide Bisard legal defense particularly since the accusations against Bisard are incredibly embarrassing for the rank and file officers. In addition to that, there is a lot of chatter that many members have asked for legal defense and been shut down completely on much more low profile and less embarrassing cases.

The FOP sent the notice to its members saying,

The FOP Regular Business Meeting will be January 6th at 1800 hours. This email will serve as notice that a member has requested that the membership be notified that a motion will be made regarding a recent legal request that had passed in a previous meeting. The motion will deal with rescinding the original motion. According to Robert’s Rules of Order, if previous notice is given regarding a Motion to Rescind, then a simple majority vote is all that is necessary. If previous notice is not given then the motion requires 2/3 vote to overturn. Therefore, because of this notice, the motion will require a SIMPLE MAJORITY to pass/fail. I have heard from many of you regarding the legal requests that were voted on in the December meeting. This is your notice that there will be a motion, discussion, and vote on a member’s request for legal assistance.

It is pretty clear the FOP leadership knows it is in their best interest to fix this and fix it fast.  Hopefully, the rank and file agrees.


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17 Responses to FOP Votes Tonight to Rescind Vote to Provide Bisard Legal Defense

  1. Bleeding Blue says:

    What time will the Mayor and his boss Dr. Straub show up to make all of the cops stand at attention?

  2. Michael Hegg says:

    I would make a friendly suggestion to you that you stick to reporting on ‘insider politics’ within the local GOP..something you may know about, rather than writing dreck like

    “It is pretty clear the FOP leadership knows it is in their best interest to fix this and fix it fast. Hopefully, the rank and file agrees”.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hegg, we had several sources and most folks walked into that meeting thinking it would be rescinded. We know there was a split and we’ve heard why. We’re being nice and not posting on it so maybe chilling out is in order.

      • Michael Hegg says:

        I’m ‘chilled out’. I don’t get too excited over faceless individuals who post clueless opinions. And, since you are on a roll, feel free to explain why the 20 or so people (out of 150 in attendance) thought the vote was going to be rescinded. “Being nice” is pretty disingenuous, especially since YOU started this whole topic. I merely felt the need to correct you. Again, I would contact ALOT more than your several sources in the future when trying to portray an opinion as a may save you from being embarrassed when 85% of those you write about hold a different opinion. Thats all.

        Finally, and sincerely, I wish you luck at slating and in November. I have a feeling the local party will need it.

  3. GOP Chick says:

    Hegg, I’m not sure what your problem is. This is local political news. Now that the FOP voted by some 80% to re-affirm their support of Bisard, anything the FOP now does is tainted. Endorsement? Who wants it now?!?

    • Michael Hegg says:

      I never said the situation wasn’t political news, rather that your position vis a vis the FOP’s leadership interests or the rank and file agreement with same is lacking in knowledge and insight on your part. I suggest you speak to a large group of people in making a pronouncement as opposed to blindly folowing local media soundbites or having the ear of a few disgruntled officers with their own agenda.

      However, I’ll play. If you, “Chick”, think an FOP endorsement is important, mkay..although I doubt if it will go towards most of your parties candidates in these upcoming municipal elections.

      Lastly, I dont have a problem, except, perhaps with smarmy intellectual lightweights who post anonymously, lacking the courage of their convictions.

  4. Bleeding Blue says:

    WSP, how do you see this effecting the election? I see it having a big time effect on the CCC races. The ones that voted to keep him in could have a tough time.Scales should be OK since she voted to not rehire him.

  5. Ballard supporter says:

    Vane, you Ballard, Winnie and the whole lot of you are SCUM! We put spent our money, time and reputations putting that Jerk Ballard into office and he Sh_t on US!!!!!!!!!

    • We aren’t Robert Vane. Feel free to tell us what group you think the Mayor has been bad to and we’ll address it.

      • Tai says:

        You need look no further than the restlus in Jim Merritt’s Senate race, Pat. Merritt represents that district well and campaigned very hard. He still barely managed to get 52% of the vote and Anderson hardly lifted a finger to campaign for that seat. I think some of Christine’s district overlaps with his if I’m not mistaking. The changing demographics are the challenge. Scott Schneider had a very close race in that council district in 2003 and he was very visible and well known. A lot of the Republicans didn’t expect Christine to win that seat in 2007.

  6. Ballard supporter says:


  7. Bleeding Blue says:

    Ballard Supporter,

    While I agree that Ballard thrw away the folks that got him elected, I dont think that he is scum.The Mayor used to be an honest,nice fellow who cared about Indy.He just surrounded himself with folks that could care less about him.All they want is the money.Scum is way too over the top. Clueless is more like it.

    The Mayor could care less about the people of Indy unless,they can do something for him or one of his friends,The Mayor gets deals done for his friends,like no bid contracts, Right Robert? Work for the Mayor,get no bid contracts,great gig.

    • Ballard supporter says:

      Bleeding Blue you said:

      “The Mayor could care less about the people of Indy unless,they can do something for him or one of his friends,The Mayor gets deals done for his friends,like no bid contracts, Right Robert? Work for the Mayor,get no bid contracts,great gig.”

      And you don’t believe he’s scum?!!!!

  8. Anon says:

    No way. Vane is good to the FOP. He wouldn’t write that.

    • We don’t think what we wrote is bad to the FOP but you are right that we aren’t Robert Vane.

  9. Soylent Green says:

    Think peer pressure was an issue in high school? Try showing up at an FOP meeting to vote against giving Bisard legal aid. Don’t know they guy. Never worked with him. Never knew who he was until he crashed his marked car into the motorcycles that day. Those I have talked to says he was a likable and popular officer. Work schedule didn’t allow me to vote “no”. Don’t know if I wanted to risk being ostracised anyway. With an issue as important as this it would have been nice if the FOP would allowed members to vote in annonymity via email using the same format as the recent survey. I imagine the result would be different. Pretty sure the majority of members don’t want their dues paying to defend a guy who tested .19 and killed someone. With decisions like this maybe the FOP should hire Carl Brizzi to repair our reutation.

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