Students for Mitch Daniels Go Up on the Air for My Man Mitch

By now you may have heard that there is a Students for Mitch Daniels group that is trying to draft Governor Mitch Daniels into the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  They no doubt have gotten the idea from the 2003 efforts to draft Daniels into the running for Indiana Governor.  That group is otherwise known as Frugal Hoosiers and they were successful. 

These kids are aggressive and actually put a television ad up in Iowa.  The ad was aired on a Fox affiliate in the Des Moines media market during the Pro-Bowl game.  Here is the ad:

The students have said they plan to air the ad in New Hampshire and Indiana.  Here is a tip, guys:  Don’t waste your money in Indiana.  We’re pretty sure Republican primary voters here are all locked up.  He was Our Man Mitch long before anyone else knew his name.


Liberty Pundits, Chick-fil-A and Gay Activists

Yesterday while browsing through our twitter feed, we noticed our friend Mark Warner had retweeted a blog post over at a site called Liberty Pundits.   The author is offering commentary on a piece from the New York Times discussing a bit of an uproar regarding Chick-fil-A and gay activists. 

It all began when a local Chick-fil-A restaurant decided to donate food for an event called The Art of Marriage.  The event is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Family Institute.  This group is exactly what you think it is.  One of their major issues is a passing an amendment to the state constitution declaring marriage to be between one man and one woman and they say a few things that are considered offensive by the gay community and many others.   Needless to say, some gay activists are less than thrilled with Chick-fil-A’s choice to sponsor an event being held by this group.

All this, however, is not why we are writing a post on this topic.  It is the response of the blogger over at Liberty Pundits that made us write a post on the issue.  Frankly, we think everyone has the right to their opinion on this.  But we do not think this blogger was fair to one of the folks quoted in the NYT article.  Here is the quote from NYT:

“It literally leaves a bad taste because I know the people who are putting this food in my mouth actively loathe me,” he said. “I’m all for freedom of religion, it’s just that I know where I want    my money to go and I don’t want my money to go.”

Clyde from Liberty Pundits said,

Can we count the contradictions?  We’ll start with being “all for” religious freedom as long as they exercise it his way.  Moron.

Really, Clyde?  That is what you’ve got?  First, way to be mature and call the guy a moron because you don’t like what he had to say.  Second, the guy was saying that he is fine with them believing what they want to believe thus the being all for religious freedom.  He just isn’t so much all for funding it.  Chick-fil-A can exercise their religious freedom however they want to but it does seem fair that this fellow might not want to continue giving them money so they can use the profits to donate food to a group that is clearly against homosexuality, same-sex marriage and any number of other issues that he supports.  It is his prerogative to stop supporting this food chain. 

Clyde also goes on to say that he believe homosexuality is a sin but that he doesn’t focus much attention on others and that the gays really should get over themselves.  We’re glad Clyde isn’t focused on what he considers downfalls of others—but that doesn’t mean that this group Chick-fil-A supported isn’t. The fact is that a lot of these groups advocating for marriage amendments at the state level are not very nice.

Let us say that we love Chick-fil-A.  We love their original chicken sandwich.  We love the new spicy chicken sandwich.  We love the waffle fries, the juicy chicken nuggets and we especially love their new ketchup packages.  We do not want to stop eating it—but a few of us are considering it.  

One thing that goes for all of us here at WSP:  We will not make fun of anyone for deciding not to fund beliefs they find hateful. It is too bad the rest of the blogosphere won’t do the same.

Howey Says Pence Ruled Out Presidential Run

Color us not at all surprised.



iNDIANAPOLIS – U.S. Rep. Mike Pence has ruled out a run for national office and will tour the state in the next few months, multiple informed and relievable sources tell Howey Politics Indiana.

The sources say that Pence has not made a final decision about a run for governor, keeping open the option of running for reelection in the 6th CD. State law prohibits Pence from raising money in a gubernatorial race until the Indiana General Assembly’s sine die on April 30.

However, Pence gave up the No. 3 position in the Indiana House in November. Developing ….

Is anyone else starting to get Mike Pence fatigue?  We’re starting to feel like this is Lebron James all over again.  We still think Congressman Pence will announce he is planning to take his talents to the Statehouse in Indianapolis.

Word of the Day: “Mitchslapped”

Mitchslapped; v. thwarting inane opposition with superior political skill and superior political ideas.

History: Coined by the boisterous Indiana House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer as a pejorative on the effects of Indiana Governor Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. (“Mitch”) and his proposed education reforms as to teachers.  While the misogynistic pun was surprisingly ignored by Teachers’ Union feminists, Daniels supporters adopted it as a rallying description of the administration’s successful reforms.

In context:

In ‘05 State Employee Unions got Mitchslapped by an executive order abolishing collective bargaining, putting union dues back in employee pockets, and rewarding workers with merit bonuses.

In the ‘08 governor’s race, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson’s campaign got Mitch-slapped, and handed him the most votes of any Indiana politician ever–  even while the state voted for a Democratic president for the first time since 1964.

In the ‘10 House races, then-Speaker Pat Bauer got Mitchslapped into a 40 seat minority.

BMV waiting times: Mitchslapped.

Out of control property taxes: Mitchslapped.

Nepotism, corruption, and waste in township government: Mitchslapped.

Burned on Burn Rates

We read a blog post last night over at Ogden on Politics that made us shake our heads.  Paul was talking about his favorite political topic:  burn rates.  It is a fun term and makes him feel like an expert.  We understand.  It is fun to feel smarter than everyone.  The problem is that just because you know the term doesn’t mean you really understand it.

Ogden took City-County Councilor At-Large Angel Rivera to task for burning “through nearly 90% of his campaign funds.”  He said Rivera’s report “reveals that he raised $10,515 in 2010, and spent $9,418, an off-year “burn rate” which is nearly an astonishing 90%.”

Paul doesn’t seem to be aware that Rivera became the at-large councilor when former At-Large Councilor Kent Smith resigned his position last year.  Marion County Republicans held a countywide caucus to fill the position last February.  Since several candidates were seeking the position and it was a countywide caucus, it is safe to assume that it was necessary to send mailers to precinct committeemen and engage in other activities that cost money.  Rivera has only been in office 10 months and we are sure he plans to protect his seat.

UPDATE:  Ogden did another post saying Rivera’s post-caucus burn rate was even higher.  If you look at the report, it is pretty clear Rivera did some thank you letters, paid some bills, and made contributions to the Council Caucus account, Republican organizations and candidates up in 2010.  Sounds like a team player to us.

Pence to Announce Plans This Week

You may or may not have seen that Congressman Mike Pence announced he’ll make his decision on his future this week. 

The Pence for Governor Twitter page (which they tell us is NOT officially affiliated with the Congressman…why would we think that?!) linked to a National Journal article where they go into detail assessing the options for the Congressman.

We still think he is going to go for Governor.  It is a much safer option and will set him up for a future run at President.  We agree with the article that it is extremely hard for a House member to raise the dollars needed.  We also think there is an argument to be made that the Congressman is lacking executive experience.  A great solution to that problem is being Governor first. 

The other problem for Pence in a presidential scenario is Governor Mitch Daniels.  The Governor hasn’t made a decision and his timeline is a bit further down the road as he tries to get through the legislative session without making any announcements.  It seems to us that the Indiana donor base is going to be VERY slow to get into the Presidential race until the Governor makes a decision.  This makes fundraising even more difficult for Pence since his base will be sitting on the sidelines.

We want to know what you think.  Check out the poll to the right.  What do you think Pence will do and what do you think he should do?  Vote now!

Guest Post by Jon Elrod: The TEA Party and Senator Lugar

Much has been written on the TEA Party confab in Tipton as they organize to field a Senate candidate for the 2012 election. A few observations:

First of all, the TEA Party is not “targeting” Lugar. They want a candidate who is more aggressive on TEA Party issues like deficit reduction, federalism, and increased personal freedoms.

These are laudable and reasonable arguments within the conservative movement. This is a debate on whether the 2008-09 TARP/Bail-Outs/Stimuli were worth the trillion dollar deficits and the “too big to fail” assault on free market fundamentals.

Second, the TEA Party has learned from Richard Behney locally, and Christine O’Donnell nationally, that they need to coalesce around competent and electable candidates.

They have also learned from Ross Perot and the Libertarian Party that if you reform the Republican Party from within, you get leaders like Ryan and Rubio. The Pyrrhic victories offered by third party candidates do not advance the conservative cause.

Third, politics is about addition, not subtraction. A few hundred conservatives getting together to talk about fundamental issues of federalism and political strategy is a good thing. The TEA Party is not a threat to the GOP; it is a dynamic addition to the cause. We should not mock our allies.

If there is a threat, it comes from the Left labeling the TEA Party something it isn’t, and sowing dissension on the Right. The GOP should not take the bait.

I’m a Dick Lugar Republican. I wasn’t in Tipton this weekend, I was in Carmel toasting one of sharpest, most knowledgeable, and most dedicated politicians in America. I do not always agree with him, but no candidate will be more capable, qualified, or electable for Senate in 2012.

Lugar’s place in history is secure. His example of integrity and statesmanship has inspired generations of those in public service. We should follow his example, rising to the TEA Party debate in good faith and with good will.