About Us

Welcome to Washington Street Politics or WSP as we like to call it around here. 
We know what you are thinking:  Another political blog?  Do we need another one?  Really? 
Yes.  Yes we do.  Really. 
And here is why:  There are lots of blogs, particularly political ones.  But many of them are focused exclusively on either city government, state government, political gossip or are even just a tool of a particular Party or candidate. 
And that is why we’ve created Washington Street Politics.  We’ll be covering policy and politics from end to end of Washington Street in Indianapolis.  State government, city government, and Party politics from both sides of the aisle.  (Full Disclosure: We do lean to the Right of that aisle but are dedicated to covering what we hear on both sides.) 
So give in and click that “Add to Favorites” button for yet another political blog.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.  
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