Dan Parker: It Isn’t My Fault. Voters are Dumb.

Here is a quote from last week’s Howey Political Report:

“It’s hard to win elections when people act irrationally,” Chairman Dan Parker observed.”

It so beautifully captures the smug progressivism of today’s Left: condescendingly blaming voters for stupidly voting against their own self-interest.

So you’re Dan Parker.

Your status as State Chair is solely based on your status as Bayh’s most loyal sycophant.

You’re already on thin ice for the Jill Long Thompson debacle.

Adding fire to the flames, Bayh bails from re-election at the last-minute, causing the second most amusing chain reaction in Indiana politics: Ellsworth forgoes re-election to Congress, and loses his bid for Bayh’s seat; Van Haaften forgoes re-election to the Statehouse, and loses his bid for Ellsworth’s seat; Deig forgoes re-election to the State Senate, and loses his bid for Van Haaften’s seat; and in true poetic justice, Deig’s Senate seat goes Republican too.

Your leadership resulted in a 24 vote swing in the House handing Bosma the gavel and a quorum-proof majority in the Senate.

As a last resort, you’re reduced to sending mailers telling voters to vote, not Democrat, but Libertarian.

And in the end, you blame the voters.

Priceless. Four More Years! Four More Years!


Brizzi’s Next Move: Legal Advice and Reputation Management?

Last night, WTHR published an interview with outgoing Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi that literally made us laugh out loud. We actually thought it was a piece from The Onion.

You can read the full article and watch the interview but below is a little summary of what we thought the article should actually have said. (NOTE:  This is satire, folks.)

Indianapolis – With his last day on the job Friday, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi is ready to move into his next stage of delusion and believes that people will actually pay him, of all people, to provide them legal advice and tips on reputation management.  

Brizzi says he’s formed Carl Brizzi and Associates, LLC, “under the idea that bad things happen to good people. A lot of times people need help with the legal consequences, but there are also non-legal consequences.” Riiight.  Most people who end up in trouble are usually minding their own business and they need a nice guy like Carl Brizzi to help clear their good name!

Brizzi was thought to be a rising star in the Republican Party after winning a second term in 2006 and being the only Republican to win in Marion County that year.  As it turned out, Brizzi was about to experience a very public implosion and permanently ruin any chance of running for office or being respected in Indianapolis ever again.

Brizzi had some problematic real estate deals, plea deals for defense attorney friends, and many other questionable situations.  He also was good friends with Tim Durham whose businesses were raided by the FBI and is a part of an ongoing investigation.  Brizzi also sat on Durham’s Fair Finance Board for a few weeks which was a really big mistake. Republican leaders asked Brizzi not to run for office and eventually even asked for his resignation.  Brizzi refused and made sure he got his pension by finishing his term.

Brizzi, whose arrogance really knows no bounds, wouldn’t rule out another run for office.  Most Republicans would rather walk over hot coals than see Brizzi’s name on a ballot but Brizzi has nearly $500,000 in his campaign accounts still.

“We’ve been using it to support some candidates from around the state, those who will take it. There are some who returned it – and maybe live to fight another day,” said Brizzi.

Two Republicans who received money are City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn and Mr. Clean Ethics award recipient himself, state Sen. Mike Delph. As we write this, they are probably having their treasurers’ cut checks to return those contributions.

As for who Brizzi will support in the mayor’s race?

“I don’t know. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mayor Ballard but I wanted to be Mayor so I’m still kind of mad I didn’t run in 2007.  On the other hand, I don’t like Melina Kennedy.  She ran against me—can you believe someone would do that?!  But I’ve beaten her before so maybe I can run against her in 2015.  Er, I mean, she’s a super-tough opponent and she’s qualified,” said Brizzi.

Curry Cleaning House

As we told you earlier, folks at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) have been waiting to hear who will get the boot from incoming Prosecutor Terry Curry.  We speculated some division heads might get a pink slip, and as of yesterday, a few were told to clean out their desks by this Friday. 

Most were normal suspects, but two on the list we got were somewhat of a surprise.  Curry told Larry Brodeur, Chief of the Narcotics Division and Ed Zych, DUI Prosecutor to hit the road yesterday. 

Brodeur was instrumental in bringing to light the sweetheart plea deal between outgoing Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and his business partner who also is a defense attorney, Paul Page.  That case involved a steroid dealer represented by Page.  Despite Brodeur’s strongly worded email to Brizzi warning him against such a lenient plea deal, Brizzi not only authorized a weak plea, he also returned $10,000 of cash forfeited from the dealer.  The plea deal was made just a year after Page cut Brizzi in on a deal involving real estate in Elkhart.  We here at WSP thought Brizzi would fire Brodeur, not Curry.  Wonder what Curry is worried about?

Ed Zych has been a long-time DUI prosecutor and is well respected throughout the state.  He has a very high conviction rate and frequently trains prosecutors all over the state on how to win tough drunk driving cases, including fatalities.  We are sure Ed will be highly sought after by Prosecuting Attorney’s all over the state.

One last one we heard about but will remain unnamed has us scratching our heads.  This individual is a great prosecutor, and isn’t a division head.  He never participated in Brizzi’s 2006 re-election campaign, nor helped out Mark Massa this year.  This individual did have an intimate relationship with another MCPO employee that ended a few years ago.  We know that MCPO employee was actively working to get Curry elected this year.  Sure hope she didn’t convince Curry to fire him because of a relationship gone sour…

Indiana Democrat State Chair Speculation Swirls

Last week we noticed a post by our friends over at Indianapolis Times speculating on who will run for State Chair of the Indiana Democrats.  It should be noted that current Democrat State Chairman Dan Parker has indicated he will be staying on at least through the re-districting process.

Regardless, Indianapolis Times mentioned three individuals being talked about within the Democrat Party:  Former State Representative Russ Stillwell, 2010 Secretary of State candidate Vop Osili and former Jim Schellinger campaign manager Tim Jeffers. 

We seemed to be noting a trend in the commentary:  losing.  Stillwell was just unseated in the 2010 election cycle.  Vop Osili couldn’t beat Charlie White who ran for Secretary of State while not being able to properly register to vote and was County Chairman for a Party who sent out mail without a disclaimer.   And while Jeffers once was  the Chief of Staff to former Speaker John Gregg, he couldn’t even beat Jill Long Thompson in a primary which is really saying something. We’re sure these guys are all nice people but we don’t think any of them will have Republicans shaking in their boots. 

To be fair, the Democrats may not have anyone that have won any races in the last few years to pick from but this list should certainly be cause for concern for our Democrat friends.

Governor Daniels Plays Footsie with the Presidential Race

Governor Daniels continues to keep his name in the mix for the Presidential race by commenting on national issues.  Over the weekend, we noticed a tweet from the @ForMitch twitter account linking to a WIBC story where Governor Daniels said he’ll be keeping a close eye on Presidential hopefuls and the attention they pay to the national debt.

“We don’t know who the field is,” Daniels told reporters at his Statehouse office last week. “We don’t know exactly what they’ll emphasize and what their depth of conviction and specificity of prescription will be about the problems that are bothering me, specifically the debt iceberg the nation’s heading for.”

Daniels said it could influence his decision if “somebody really grabs hold and is willing to deal     openly and honestly with the American people about what we’re up against” — and offers a constructive way to get out. But Daniels said it’s too soon to tell whether anybody fits that description.

Obviously the Governor wants his name out there and is, at a minimum, trying to push the potential contenders to address fiscal issues that he feels are important. Is he angling for more?  Is he going to run and just being coy about it?  Is he throwing his hat into the veepstakes? 

You tell us.  We’ve added a poll in the top right hand corner of the page.

Our View: DADT Repeal is Long Overdue

Today, President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law. The signing does not actually change the law immediately but begins the process.  The Pentagon has to certify that the change will not impact combat readiness and have met several other conditions before full-implementation.

Mark it down in the history books but, for once, we actually agree with Obama

No longer will our country be denied the service of thousands of patriotic Americans who are forced to leave the military – regardless of their skills, no matter their bravery or their zeal, no matter their years of exemplary performance – because they happen to be gay. No longer will tens of thousands of Americans in uniform be asked to live a lie, or look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love.

What don’t we like about the change?  Really only two things.  The first is that this is being touted all over the news media as President Obama fulfilling a campaign promise.  While we agree with the President on this issue, we still want a new President in 2012.  Coverage of the bill signing said the event was like a campaign rally.

Second, only 8 Republicans in the Senate voted in favor of the repeal while all 31 no votes were cast by Republicans.  Those of us who do not serve in the military are able to be free because those who do  fight to protect our freedoms.  It seems logical that the rest of us should fight for the soldiers who protect us day in and day out to be free to live their lives too.  Apparently, the Senate Republicans didn’t see it that way.

Wednesday News Wrap-Up

Greetings loyal readers!  We wanted to give you a quick news wrap up before diving into our next post aka what we really want to write about but feel like we should make you aware of a few interesting tidbits in case you aren’t already.

  • As expected, the Governor endorsed Eric Holcomb for State Chair.  Capitol & Washington has it that the vote will be on January 3rd rather than mid-January as many State Committee members were discussing prior to Holcomb entering the race.
  • Sen. Mike Delph has introduced a “birther” bill, SB 114.  The bill basically says that folks running for President have to file a certified copy of their birth certificate to be eligible for the Indiana Primary.  We know we’re going to upset Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana by calling Senator Mike Delph crazy but we’re saying it anyway.  Folks (and by folks, we mean the TEA Party), President Obama won the election. Get over it. We are just days away from 2011, it may be time to move on.  Congrats to Sen. Mike Delph for finding a way to make himself even more appealing to the fringe Right.   We weren’t sure it was possible.
  • The census data is out and Indiana keeps all 9 of our Congressional seats.  The districts will grow by about 46,000 people.  Now the fun of re-districting will begin.
  • Howey Politics mentioned U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s warning on homegrown terrorism.   Scariest fact:   In the last 24 months, Holder said, 126 people have been indicted on terrorist-related charges. Fifty of those people are American citizens.  Yikes.
  • After 2 years of pay freezes, state employees can look forward to modest pay increases.  Governor Daniels sent a letter to state employees laying out the details.  Agency heads and the Governor will keep their salaries at their current rate.  Merry Christmas to our readers over at the Statehouse!