The Party is Over, Charlie

We told you there would be numerous calls for Charlie White to resign his seat as Secretary of State after being indicted for voter fraud and there have been.

The Governor did and said he had spoken with the other statewide elected officials and they are in total agreement.

Indiana Republican Chairman Eric Holcomb weighed in saying White should step down at least until the legal process runs its course.

Former Secretary of State and current U.S. Congressman said he should step down.

The Evansville Courier-Press gave White a few jeers in their Cheers and Jeers column and said he should step down.

And Matt Tully of the Indy Star wrote a blistering column saying Charlie has got to go.

What does Charlie White say?  According to Abdul, Charlie text him saying he has no intention of stepping down.

The whole thing reminds us of  someone who has had too much to drink and won’t leave the bar.  The lights are on and there is no one left at the party, Charlie.  It is time to go home and try to sleep it off.


Secretary of State Charlie White Indicted for Voter Fraud

The Indy Star’s Mary Beth Schneider reported on twitter that Charlie White has been indicted with seven felony counts including voter fraud, perjury and theft.  You can read the Star’s full article here.

In case you do not know the background, here it is from the Star:

White has admitted to voting in a district where he no longer lived. The registered address was a home he had shared on and off with his now ex-wife until 2009.

White, who served on the Fishers Town Council at the time, updated his voter registration after moving into an apartment in the same precinct, following his 2007 divorce. Around February 2009, he moved back into his ex-wife’s home, and in November of that year began splitting time between his ex-wife’s home and a newly purchased condo outside the precinct.

In February last year, White changed his voter registration back to his ex-wife’s address, claiming he was unsure when he would close on his new home. White blamed a whirlwind schedule for his failure to change his voter registration later to reflect his new condo’s address.

This is not good news for Charlie White.  If he is convicted, he will have to resign from his position as Secretary of State but we are guessing that he will be STRONGLY encouraged to end this fiasco as quietly as possible.  That would include resigning his position and dealing with the legal issues once out of office.   Abdul tweeted that his sources indicated White will fight the case as recently as a week ago.

We’ll see what Governor Mitch Daniels and Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb have to say about that.

Wednesday News Wrap-Up

Greetings loyal readers!  We wanted to give you a quick news wrap up before diving into our next post aka what we really want to write about but feel like we should make you aware of a few interesting tidbits in case you aren’t already.

  • As expected, the Governor endorsed Eric Holcomb for State Chair.  Capitol & Washington has it that the vote will be on January 3rd rather than mid-January as many State Committee members were discussing prior to Holcomb entering the race.
  • Sen. Mike Delph has introduced a “birther” bill, SB 114.  The bill basically says that folks running for President have to file a certified copy of their birth certificate to be eligible for the Indiana Primary.  We know we’re going to upset Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana by calling Senator Mike Delph crazy but we’re saying it anyway.  Folks (and by folks, we mean the TEA Party), President Obama won the election. Get over it. We are just days away from 2011, it may be time to move on.  Congrats to Sen. Mike Delph for finding a way to make himself even more appealing to the fringe Right.   We weren’t sure it was possible.
  • The census data is out and Indiana keeps all 9 of our Congressional seats.  The districts will grow by about 46,000 people.  Now the fun of re-districting will begin.
  • Howey Politics mentioned U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s warning on homegrown terrorism.   Scariest fact:   In the last 24 months, Holder said, 126 people have been indicted on terrorist-related charges. Fifty of those people are American citizens.  Yikes.
  • After 2 years of pay freezes, state employees can look forward to modest pay increases.  Governor Daniels sent a letter to state employees laying out the details.  Agency heads and the Governor will keep their salaries at their current rate.  Merry Christmas to our readers over at the Statehouse!