Ballard: Broad Ripple Parking Garage Set To Open Next Year

Mayor Greg Ballard addressed two huge issues in Broad Ripple this morning by announcing a parking garage will be put in on the corner of Broad Ripple and College Avenues.  It will be taking the place of the old, rundown gas station on the corner.

Obviously, this will address the parking problem in Broad Ripple by adding 350 parking spots in the garage.  Additionally, there will be a retail area and a police station in the first floor of the parking garage.  It has long been a bit risky to park your car on a side street and walk back after a night at the restaurants and bars in Broad Ripple.  Adding the public safety aspect to the garage is a huge deal.

The $15 million garage is partially financed through the City’s lease of parking meters and there will be public meetings in July so residents can weigh in on the plan. 

This is a big win for Broad Ripple.


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7 Responses to Ballard: Broad Ripple Parking Garage Set To Open Next Year

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME! I can’t wait.

  2. 3.5 years…no action. This is not a new problem. Way to cram for the exam in November, Greg!

  3. They had to find the money to get it done.

  4. Well they found $33.5 million to give to the Pacers, and $100 milllion for No-So, and $33 million for worthless bike lanes, which were financed partly with utility “sale” money. It seems the problem is the priorities of this administration are out of whack.

  5. IndyHardR says:

    What ya wanna bet Ballards buddies at Keystone get the contracts? Melina will have a field day with this one..The parking lot is a great idea,however what is the real reason it is being completed now?

  6. John says:

    Keystone Construction got the contract. That was the reason for the story today Hey, that is what hiring the Mayor’s Chief of Staff to head your business development and donating tens of thousands of dollars to Ballard’s campaign gets you. Why else do it?

  7. Wurstnitemare says:

    More pay for play in Indy. The Mayor is looking worse and worse everyday. The fact that his campaign manager is barely old enough to drink and has never won a campaign should tell you something. My big concern is that there is not ONE person of color on his campaign staff.Looking pretty pale there Mr. mayor. Robert, can’t you get the Mayor to at least hire someone who’s old enough to know who Hudnut is? When asked the other day how the Mayors reign compared to the Hudnut run, she was stunned and asked who Hudnut was…really?

    Robert, you need to clean that mess of a campaign up.This blog is not enough to do it. Please, we really don’t want Melina, We want the Old Ballard who stood for something other than what Bob Grand and Dave Brooks stand for.But at least when the Mayor looses, he will have a cushy job at Keystone Construction, doing logistics

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