What Does It All Mean: Marion County Primary Election Results

While some over at Indianapolis Times spent their Friday night writing a blog post on the Marion County Primary Election Results and criticizing us for not blogging on them yet, we took our time writing this post.

After a few days of reflection, here is what we are taking away from the Primary Election:  Melina Kennedy is the Democrat nominee and will face Greg Ballard in the fall.  The Marion County slates won.

Simple?  Yes.  The only actual facts you get from a primary election?  Yes again.

Did the Democrats have more votes?  Sure.  They had a contested race at the top of the ticket. They also had a 20,000 straight ticket vote advantage in the last General Election.  From that perspective, they may have had more votes but their turnout was lower than it seems.

Did Melina Kennedy get the majority of the votes in her 3-way race?  Yes.  But 23% of her party voted for someone else.   Are they going to end up voting for her in the fall?  Probably.  Will they definitely go vote?  Will they be motivated to work for her?  Who knows.

A lot of people will try to draw conclusions on how the Primary results will impact the General Elections or what clues it gives us as to what will happen in the fall.  There are a hundred different ways to run numbers and spin these results.  Our guess is that people will continue to do it. But the fact is that we won’t know what clues these numbers gave to the outcome in the General Election until we know the outcome of the General Election.

The only thing we really know is this will be a hotly contested race and there is a lot to shake out over the next 6 months.  On to the main event!


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5 Responses to What Does It All Mean: Marion County Primary Election Results

  1. “Hotly contested.” Yes. Will it be close? No.

  2. Wurstnitemare says:

    Paul, three months agree of I wodld have been in agreement with yuo.However,if and it’s a big if the four at large CCC candidatess can pull it off for the Republicans, then Ballard can win.But as we all know, it may come down to the two or three final days prior to the election. I just not sure that Meliana can pull it off.She does not look,act or speak like a Mayor.That could be an isue in thhe Black community

  3. Lemon Zinger says:

    I have to say that I am amused that whenever you use a photo of Melina Kennedy accompanied by a photo of ballard, you make her photo grainy and out of focus. I know you can make it look right, because when you post a photo of her earlier without Mayor McCheese, the photo is fine. Good to see David Brooks staying active in Marion County. Douchebags.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      I have to be honest, this is a good picture of her.It’s long been kown that her image is that of a spinster who rummages through Hillary Clintons reject business suits.While Melina may be a strong candidate in terms of vews and knowledge,her image is right below Mary Tyler Moore.

      However, I must say that the Mayor looked great at the fund raiser on Friday night.He was in the best shape that I have ever seen him.He looked goood standing to Male model Mike Pence,he really did.But lookikng good does not excuse his passing out free no bid contracts to his BFFs and those companies that hire his son.

      So the choice is clear, A Mayor that look like she is living in the 60s and a Mayor who loves the pay for lay system.

  4. There is no way a race with this much money is not going to end up being close.

    Lemon Zinger, we hadn’t noticed that about the picture. It isn’t that blurry though.

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