Congressional Races Heating Up

Now that we have that little announcement about the Governor’s race out of the way, the Congressional races decided they wanted in on the fun.

Jim Shella and Matt Tully have both reported that Luke Messer issued a statement following Mike Pence’s announcement for Governor. Shella indicates Messer will hold a formal announcement in the next few weeks. Messer is from Shelby County and was drawn into the 6th.   We have heard of a few other people being interested, including Wayne County Sheriff Matt Strittmatter.  That said, we would expect to see some pretty big hitters come out behind Messer after an impressive effort in the 5th Congressional District against Dan Burton.

Another interesting development  just reported by Hoosier Access is that Congressman Marlin Stutzman may be behind the push for a primary challenger to Jackie Walorski in the 2nd District.  State Senator Carlin Yoder is speculated to be weighing a challenge to Walorski but our friends at Hoosier Access hear that rumor is being pushed by Stutzman and his staff and is not based on actual actions by Yoder.  We’re unsure why Stutzman would want to wade into this since so much effort was put into drawing a Republican district and Walorski is rumored to already be working with the NRCC on her race. 

We’re not sure if there is some kind of a feud we do not know about playing here.  We do know that Stutzman wanted to keep some of Elkhart County and it was given to Walorski.  Still, that seems like a small reason to jump into a race that should be an a quick and easy primary with a focus on the general election.

For the Democrats, all seems to be quiet at this point outside of the 8th District where Bucshon has two Democrats fighting it out in a primary for a chance to go against him in the fall.


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6 Responses to Congressional Races Heating Up

  1. Erin Rosenberg says:

    Huh. I don’t know any more than what you just wrote, but that seems like an awfully odd thing to do to Mr. Yoder, too, if Mr. Stutzman were just trying to get back at Mrs. Walorski.

  2. We’re not real sure either but it seems odd for Stutzman to get involved at all.

  3. Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

    Maybe Marlin realizes how nuts that Wacky Jackie really is!!

    • Erin Rosenberg says:

      What doesn’t make sense about that though is why would he potentially anger this other person, Mr. Yoder, by putting his name out there if Mr. Yoder isn’t putting himself forward? It would make sense if Mr. Stutzman were backing an actual Primary candidate. But, I see no advantage to Mr. Stutzman spreading rumors about someone if that person isn’t actually going to run against Mrs. Walorski. It would just engender bad feelings, particularly if Mr. Yoder supports Mrs. Walorski. Of course, I don’t know any of these people and am just commenting on what WSP reported so far, so if Yoder jumps in, I take it all back!

  4. Marvin Lucas says:

    So, let me get this straight. The 6’3″, amazonian Lady Macbeth of St. Joe County, whose in-your-face stylings are known to all, is the one being threatened by the 5’10” passive amishman from LaGrange County? OK. Makes perfect sense.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      Marvin, Since when did anything about politics make sense? The 6th wil be a great race.

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