Congressional Fundraising Wrap-Up

This morning, we saw an article from the Journal Gazette on Congressman Marlin Sutzman’s fundraising for the quarter and it made us curious about the rest of the Indiana Delegation. 

Congressman Visclosky, District 1:  $73,568 raised, $469,547 cash on hand

Congressman Donnelly, District 2:  $363,288 raised, $338,286 cash on hand

Congressman Stutzman, District 3:  $59,937 raised, $33,184 cash on hand

Congressman Rokita, District 4:  $120,848 raised, $374,072 cash on hand

Congressman Burton, District 5:  $48,006 raised, $210,124 cash on hand

Congressman Pence, District 6:  $278,088 raised, $434,294 cash on hand

Congressman Carson, District 7:  $63,550 raised, $207,910 cash on hand

Congressman Bucshon, District 8:  $45,330 raised, $36,494 cash on hand

Congressman Young, District 9:  $154,283 raised, $140,070 cash on hand

A few things stood out to us.  First, Congressman Visclosky is in a strong financial position as well as politically.  The best time for a challenger, primary or general election, would have been in 2010 and the opportunity has passed.  We’re not sure if they can give him a crown but they may as well. 

Second, Congressman Donnelly has kicked up his fundraising.  We believe this is another indication he will be seeking the U.S. Senate seat in 2012 and we have been saying he will for months.  Third, Congressman Rokita is raising dollars and has significant cash on hand.  The question is why?  He is in a fairly safe seat and is known to be incredibly ambitious. We’ll be keeping an eye on it. Fourth, the worst kept secret in town is that Congressman Pence is running for Governor.  His fundraising and cash on hand seem to indicate he is getting his operation up and running.

Finally, Congressman Dan Burton is in the exact opposite position as Visclosky.  Burton’s cash on hand of just over $210,000 is the lowest cash on hand the year before an election year he has had in recent memory.  In 2009, he had $353,651 and he had $700,097 in 2007.  Granted, he has competition and has had to spend the money but he will likely have competition again this year.  A candidate that aggressively raises money could become a significant problem for the Congressman.  Politically, we’ve already discussed how the new district cuts out the areas where he is typically strongest.  This would be the year for someone to circle the wagons and win this district.


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5 Responses to Congressional Fundraising Wrap-Up

  1. Matt Stone says:

    Will Pence have any trouble transferring funds because he’ll presumably be running for a state office rather than a federal office? Not trying a “gotcha” question, but genuinely curious. I’m not exactly familiar with how campaign financing and the laws work.

  2. anon says:


    You can transfer federal dollars to a state account, but not state dollars to federal account.

  3. Matt, anon is correct. Every dollar in Pence’s Congressional account can be used on a statewide race. That said, if we were Mike Pence and might have Presidential aspirations, we wouldn’t spend it unless absolutely had to. He should be able to raise enough state dollars to fund his campaign.

  4. Wurstnitemare says:

    Im waiting for Paul to find something wrong wiht this Blog.Very cool guys,neat to see it all in context.I went over the Marion County financials, very interesting stuff. Whats your take on the fact that neither the Ds or the Rs CCC at large candidates have any money?How do you run a county wide race for $750?

    Good Blog,,

    come on Paul whats worng wiht this one?

  5. Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

    It is amazing that you can make a comment about Rep. Visclosky being given a crown by the 1st District voters but ignore the crown that was given Danny Burton years ago. Burton continues to embarrass Indiana and his district with both his political positions and personal behavior. Why are the Republicans such wimps when it comes to Burton?

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