Ballard vs. Kennedy: Finance Reports and YouTube Fun

Jon Murray has the overview of the finance reports that were filed today.  Mayor Ballard raised $715,236 which brought his cash on hand to $2,039,201.  Kennedy raised $510,216 which brought her cash on hand to $1,272,335.  This leaves Ballard with a significant financial advantage of over $760,000. 

Much to Paul Ogden’s dismay, Kennedy outspent Ballard this time around and he won’t get to write a post on the burn rates of the Ballard campaign.  Kennedy spent nearly $180,000 to Ballard’s $150,000.  We’ve heard Team Ballard has a new fundraiser that is spending less and raising more which this report would seem to support.  

We’ve maintained that Kennedy is going to have to spend some money on this Democrat primary to make sure she gets to the General Election. The fact that she has two African-American males running against her shows some unrest in a key constituency.  Add in the fact that both of them are ahead of her on the ballot and one of them is a Carson, she really cannot afford to take the Primary race for granted.  How much she spends is a big question.  We’ve taken a quick look at her report and it appears she has waited to do any media purchases until after the reporting deadline which is what we would expect. 

In other mayor’s race fun, the Marion County Republican Party sent out a YouTube video hitting back at Kennedy’s attempts to discredit Mayor Ballard’s job commitment numbers.  You may remember we noted earlier this week that Kennedy was forced to pull her web ad down after breaking federal copyright law.  The GOP response is below.   Happy Friday!

We knew this would happen, but we didn’t know it would happen this early. 

Democrat Candidate for Mayor, Melina Kennedy, started running false, negative, misleading attack ads against Mayor Ballard…on April 2nd!  Kennedy has demonstrated that she’ll do anything to win and that’s why it is so important that we show our support for Mayor Ballard by telling the FACTS.

Click here to see a video that shares the facts about Mayor Ballard’s impressive record of creating jobs.  Please forward this email to your friends, and post this video on your Facebook page.  With your help, we can make sure that we keep moving Indianapolis forward with Mayor Ballard!


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8 Responses to Ballard vs. Kennedy: Finance Reports and YouTube Fun

  1. Or WSP, maybe the Ballard people got some wise counsel that you don’t burn through a half a million dollars in an off year. The fact that he’s burning through LESS money during an election year pretty much proves there was considerable mismanagement in the campaign.

    • We’re just telling you what we heard, Ogden. No sense in being so bitter.

  2. Why would he have to spend a dime right now? He has no opponent in the primary and is the incumbent! Silly planning.

    As far as the web ad nontroversy, keep pushing it. It only puts focus on the paradigm debacle. Your Mayor came off looking condescending and defensive on those trumped up job numbers. The Dems didn’t create this story. It fell in their laps, gift wrapped.

    • It is not at all unusual for a campaign in Ballard’s position to be spending at the rate the report indicated. Fundraising costs money and so do grassroots efforts and general campaign operations. Seriously, Jon, don’t act like you don’t know that.

      Good job sticking to the Kennedy talking points on the job numbers.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      Jon, You can say all you want,but you know as well as anyone that the Carson name is worth a lot in Center Township… IF and it;s a big IF,the black comunity can come out, Carson could have a chance. I am still not convinced that Melina wiill play well in Haughville et al.

      Robert, as for the video that was produced? My girlfriends third grader could produce a better video.The premise was good,but the exicution was bad. One would think that if you guys are paying your consultant a reported $10 K a month ( see your campaign finance report) that something better could have been produced.After all you did go to DC to get your “ballard years” video produced. I guess that there was no one here in Ballards home town produce his video? What about the guys who helpd Ballard get elected the last time?Oh thats right, Ballard has a whole new set of friends once he gets elected.He should dance with the ones that brung him.

  3. Actually WSP finally got one right, Jon. He should be spending money now on fundraising now, hiring staff and getting the campaign going. . If the Ballard campaign were smart (and there’s little sign of that) they’d also run some very positive commercials the last two weeks of the primary. That’s when the “window” opens and people are paying atttention. Ballard needs to build up his positives and that’s why you run positive spots in the primary window even though you don’t have an opponent.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      Paul, Ar you serious,why in the hell would Ballard spend money in the Primary run? He should be giving some of his money to the CCC guys who are in trouble. But we all know that is just not going to happen.BTW, I dont see a problem with his burn rate.

  4. They aren’t talking points when they are true. It’s the paradigm I inherited.

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