Band On The Run: House Democrats Flee the State

State Democrats fled the state to avoid voting on the Right to Work bill that was passed out of committee yesterday.  In order to avoid being taken into State Police custody and brought in to do their duty and vote on legislation, Democrats have fled to nearby states with Democrat Governors like Kentucky and Illinois. 

Today is the last day for the House to vote to adopt committee reports which means the Right to Work bill will die if the Democrats do not come back to vote today.  Frankly, we understand why the Governor did not want to take this issue up this session because exactly what he said would happen is happening.  There are several important bills that this legislation is holding up. 

We’ve heard there are as many as 21 bills that were coming out of committees that this political stunt will kill. If you ever wondered how strong the union lobby is then you have gotten your answer.  Strong enough to kill 21 unrelated pieces of legislation.

The fact is that the Democrats know they will lose the vote and there is nothing worse than a sore loser.


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2 Responses to Band On The Run: House Democrats Flee the State

  1. LadyLiberty says:

    This is absolutely despicable! The next order of business is to pass a law making these cowardly acts illegal. These wayward legislators must be taught a lesson that they cannot hold up government just because they aren’t getting their way. The consequences of these actions should be a swift removal from office! What a bunch of whining, spoiled brats!

  2. Soylent Green says:

    Reminds me of when the Delts at Faber College walked out of the Pan-Hellenic Disciplinary Council Hearing. Is it true the Illinois DNR made Pat Bauer quarantine that thing on his head before he could enter their state?

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