Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You: Melina’s Valentine’s Day Party Invitation

A friendly reader sent us an invitation for a fundraiser the Kennedy campaign held last week. 

Apparently, the Kennedy crew wanted to take advantage of Valentine’s Day and use the occasion as a theme for a fundraiser. Generally, we wouldn’t even write about this but the invitation made it a little bit interesting. 

The invitation asked to RSVP “yes, no or maybe-so” with the host levels were described as

$50:  A wink and a nod

$100:   A friendly kiss on the cheek

$250:  A big fat smooch

The jokes write themselves on this one so we’ll leave it to the comment section to have some fun with it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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12 Responses to Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You: Melina’s Valentine’s Day Party Invitation

  1. Erin Rosenberg says:

    Ahaha, WSP! I can’t help laughing at you on this one! You all are pretty slow on the uptake if you think the reason for this event was that “apparently, the Kennedy crew wanted to take advantage of Valentine’s Day…” If that’s what you took from the invite, then it’s probably a good idea to leave any jokes to your commenters and not attempt it yourself.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      Erin, Once you have spent time on the 25th floor, you start to loose all sence of reality.

      Robert, Whats the big deal ? Valentine was Laytons campaign manager, you know the guy who beat your man Fishburn ;the great hand picked candidate from your buddy Tom John.

      • Wurst, we haven’t spent time on the 25th floor so we have a good SENSE of reality.

        If Valentine was such a great strategist, there is no way they would have suggested those host titles. We’re just saying it wasn’t the best idea.

  2. Erin, it is common in politics to use holidays even brithdays as an excuse to throw a fundraiser. Our point was that it sounds like that is what they were doing which is not a big deal generally but that invitation was pretty funny.

    Come back to the blog when you get a sense of humor and you will probably enjoy it more.

  3. Erin Rosenberg says:

    Uhh, did you not notice the hosts’ name? Really? You missed the point, WSP, or are being purposefully obtuse- which is why I find you all funny!

  4. Erin, thanks for pointing it out. Folks, the hosts last name is also Valentine.

  5. Funny Valentine says:

    Who on her campaign thought those sponsorship titles were a good idea?? Good thing the levels didn’t go any higher!

  6. mrgop says:

    What do you have to pay for a reach around?

    • Our point exactly. We’re not sure what Erin and Wurst are missing but there are a lot of jokes to be made here.

  7. Erin Rosenberg says:

    Oh, I can make jokes too, WSP. I’d rather kiss Melina for Mayor than have a Mayor always kissing Bob Grand’s a- – ! The jokes do write themselves indeed.

    • Wurstnitemare says:

      Erin, you go girl. While Robert has always been known for his PR expertise ( he has by the way an excellent reputaiton), his senSe of humor is a little suspect. When you spend a lot of time on the 25th floor, you tent to loose that very quickly.Dr Straub sees to that.

      If your crack a smile in front of Straub you have to go stand in the corner for an hour. Afterall is IS the head Warrior.

      Robert, that must have a been a nightmare dealing with him. Now all you have to deal with is knuckleheads like Paul and Wilson.

      • Wurst, you must be dense. We are NOT Robert Vane and are getting sick of reminding you guys.

        Trust us, if the Ballard Campaign had put out that gaudy invitation with those sponsorship titles, we’d make fun of them too.

        It just begs the question what do I get for a thousand bucks. There is no appropriate answer for that one!

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