Paul Ogden’s Political Brilliance

Paul Ogden weighs in today on Township Government.  He is perplexed as to why Pike Township would spend $40M dollars and Washington Township only $2M.

“Pike in 2009 spent $40,879,272, while its much larger neighbor to the east, Washington Township spent $2,206,418. Wayne Township which abuts Pike’s southern border and has a larger population, was the only comparable township, spending $37,212,443. Center Township, second only to Washington Township in terms of size, spent $15,852,225.

Frankly I don’t know what to make of the numbers. I can only assume that some sort of township projects like new fire stations in Pike and Wayne townships drove up the numbers.”

We’re not sure where he has been the last few years, but anyone following politics knows that all township fire departments have merged with IFD, except Pike, Wayne, and Decatur.  Look it up.

We think if we saw those numbers we would think to dig a little deeper before making a post.


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