Mayor’s Race Round-Up: Weinzapfel and Wright Out for Mayor. Weinzapfel in for Governor?

There have been a few interesting developments regarding Mayor’s races around the state and we’ll plan to do some periodic coverage of what is happening outside of the Indianapolis Mayor’s Race.  If you have friends that want their local race or candidate to get a look from us, have them email us at

This week, we have Evansville and Beech Grove. Today, Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel announced he will not be seeking re-election as Mayor.  Weinzapfel has widely been speculated to be a potential candidate for Governor and this announcement should increase the chatter.  We’re betting that Weinzapfel will run.  As Eric Bradner said, “the question now isn’t if, but when Jonathan Weinzapfel will announce he is running for governor.”

Last night down in Beech Grove, Mayor Joe Wright surprised almost everyone by handing in his resignation at the council meeting.  Abdul noted there is speculation that it is regarding the finances and over on channel 6 news they are saying it is due to his private sector employment requiring more time.   We’re hearing that Mayor Wright is quite vulnerable and was not expected to be slated or able to win a primary challenge. 

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Susie Day has been eyeing a run at Beech Grove’s top spot for the last several months and, from what we’ve been told, would probably be able to win a slating contest. We’re hearing Mayor Joe Wright didn’t appreciate being challenged and is resigning in an effort to get his chosen successor in office and an upper hand in slating.  His position will be filled in a caucus of Beech Grove precinct committeemen.


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2 Responses to Mayor’s Race Round-Up: Weinzapfel and Wright Out for Mayor. Weinzapfel in for Governor?

  1. If you want answers as to the true reason Joe Wright resigned instead of what he said or what has been speculated, take a look around the Blog that serves the people of Beech Grove.

  2. Big Red says:

    About 30 seconds after Joe Wright resigned Susie Day told PCs that she would not be seeking the Mayor’s seat. Looks like you just made that up. Godd work and Good reporting!

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