Melina Gives In, Holding Campaign Announcement

Well folks, we said it weeks ago but Melina finally realized announcing her candidacy at a fundraiser wasn’t going to cut it in comparison to Ballard’s huge public event. 

An email went out this morning inviting folks to a formal campaign announcement next Monday.  Here is the invite.


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11 Responses to Melina Gives In, Holding Campaign Announcement

  1. BlueDog says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. First you screw up and mistake a normal fundraiser for an announcement based on some misinformed sentence in a newscast that someone probably planted. Then when your mistake is proven by the fact that she’s having an announcement just as anyone would expect, you spin it as if you had it right in the first place. This site better guard its credibility more carefully. “Lean Right” all you want, but it is a long campaign and the Indy blogosphere already has at least one Ballard shill.

  2. Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    Blue dog, we didn’t mistake anything. We posted based on a report from a newscast. There was never any correction. We said if the campaign said something different we’d be happy to update it. We originally reported that event as a fundraiser until a newscast said she’d be doing her announcement there.

    We’re going to bet Melina didn’t think an announcement was necessary (check out the comments on those posts–clearly some supporters were pushing that sentiment) until people started asking her when she would do an announcement because the Mayor did.

    As for being a shill, give us a break. You need only to look at our post on Carl Brizzi to know that we aren’t one-sided. We call it like we see it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this just the official launch of her negative attacks? She has been announced on her website for a year.

  4. Bleeding Blue says:

    At least she wont have all of the “appointed PCs” show up at her rally to make the room look big. I think that it is kind of funny that they had to change the locaito nofthe Mayors announcement,because of the smaller than expected crowd. I promise you that none of the IMPD were there,unless they were ordered too by Straub..On the other hand, did you see the big turnout at Laytons deal? Comment on that one. You know the answer. It was packed. In the Pershing also,unlike the Mayor who had to move his to the “lobby”

    Blue Dog is totaly on target.Your have shown your card way too early in the campaign.

    When you cannt discuss the issues, you divert the thinking process to uselss copy points like you did in the post. Making much to do about nothing.If I was you Id be starting to worry if Vop Osili is running for CCC. Team of Melina + Vop= see ya Mayor, no mater how much you try and suck up to the Concerned Clerygy,Vop will hold that card.

    Your post on Brizzi, very well spun. Thats kind of like saying you dont like Charles Manson. Your credabiliaty factor is slowing shilling away. But then the view from the 25th is a good one.

    • Volunteer says:

      I helped on the Ballard announcement and the event was always planned for the lobby area. I guess they wanted it to be more like a campaign rally than a sit-down speech so they didn’t want to use the auditorium.

      Melina’s event is on a Monday at a business. Anyone know how many employees work there? I bet they all have to go to the event.

  5. We’ll worry about our credibility when you learn how to spell it, Bleeding Blue.

  6. Erin Rosenberg says:

    If I am understanding your “reporting” of this “story”- you claim WTHR had a sentence indicating Melina’s supposed announcement at the tail end of a video. A sentence not included in WTHR’s own print version of the broadcast, correct? And that is what you are continuing to report on and claim that since there was no retraction (except, of course, the fact that WTHR itself either deleted or did not include the sentence to begin with in any print version of the story nor did WTHR do any follow up or additional reporting on this claimed announcement since December 13…), you are under no obligation to question its veracity even after the event in question where there was no such announcement?

    Why didn’t you just follow up yourself with Jeremy Brilliant, the WTHR reporter, to ask about the obvious discrepancy in his report since you yourself acknowledged on December 14 that the “sentence” oddly didn’t make it into the print version?

  7. Matt Stone says:

    You go, Erin.

    In all serious to WSP, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get ahold of of most reporters in town. I’ve regularly contacted reporters on discrepancies between broadcast and print versions of the story, as well as several other matters. Most are very quick to respond.

    Regardless of what actually happened, to readers, what it looks like is you jumped on naming a fundraising event as an announcement even though no campaign press release called it that. This is different from Ballard’s announcement where his campaign arm was promoting it as a “special announcement” with several media figures in town drawing the obvious conclusion, that it was a re-election announcement.

    It’s common in journalism to have two primary sources before putting a story to print, especially on something as easy to confirm as this. Your one source seems flimsy at best. So I ask, what’s your other source?

  8. It said on the broadcast that her announcement would be at that event on Monday. The video is gone and if they updated things then fine but what we are saying is that it was said. If you look at the post, no one said that our post was inaccurate based on the WTHR report. You can bet that if we made it up there would have been a ton of comments about it.

    We wouldn’t call it flimsy to quote a major news outlet. The Kennedy campaign could very easily clear it up. Shoot us an email and we’d clarify it. The bottom line is they are suddenly having an event and we can’t help but think it is probably because supporters want to know where her event is since Mayor Ballard had one.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  9. Bleeding Blue says:

    Seems very “Abdulish” on WSPs part to me.Sorry for the bad spelling, Im a product of the IPS system.

  10. unidentified says:

    Just to be clear… You feel that it is the job of the article’s subject to take time to review your article for correctness rather than your job as a journalist?

    I understand that you heard/saw and subsequently reported on something from another news outlet. However when that original news outlet updates their report one would expect that you would as well.

    Typically I have enjoyed reading your posts and do not care which way you “lean”. However if it becomes apparent that you are avoiding facts to fit your own opinions I would suspect many will soon stop visiting your site. You may say “as well they may” however I also suspect you would not have started a blog without hoping that you would build a rather large following.

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