Brizzi’s Next Move: Legal Advice and Reputation Management?

Last night, WTHR published an interview with outgoing Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi that literally made us laugh out loud. We actually thought it was a piece from The Onion.

You can read the full article and watch the interview but below is a little summary of what we thought the article should actually have said. (NOTE:  This is satire, folks.)

Indianapolis – With his last day on the job Friday, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi is ready to move into his next stage of delusion and believes that people will actually pay him, of all people, to provide them legal advice and tips on reputation management.  

Brizzi says he’s formed Carl Brizzi and Associates, LLC, “under the idea that bad things happen to good people. A lot of times people need help with the legal consequences, but there are also non-legal consequences.” Riiight.  Most people who end up in trouble are usually minding their own business and they need a nice guy like Carl Brizzi to help clear their good name!

Brizzi was thought to be a rising star in the Republican Party after winning a second term in 2006 and being the only Republican to win in Marion County that year.  As it turned out, Brizzi was about to experience a very public implosion and permanently ruin any chance of running for office or being respected in Indianapolis ever again.

Brizzi had some problematic real estate deals, plea deals for defense attorney friends, and many other questionable situations.  He also was good friends with Tim Durham whose businesses were raided by the FBI and is a part of an ongoing investigation.  Brizzi also sat on Durham’s Fair Finance Board for a few weeks which was a really big mistake. Republican leaders asked Brizzi not to run for office and eventually even asked for his resignation.  Brizzi refused and made sure he got his pension by finishing his term.

Brizzi, whose arrogance really knows no bounds, wouldn’t rule out another run for office.  Most Republicans would rather walk over hot coals than see Brizzi’s name on a ballot but Brizzi has nearly $500,000 in his campaign accounts still.

“We’ve been using it to support some candidates from around the state, those who will take it. There are some who returned it – and maybe live to fight another day,” said Brizzi.

Two Republicans who received money are City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn and Mr. Clean Ethics award recipient himself, state Sen. Mike Delph. As we write this, they are probably having their treasurers’ cut checks to return those contributions.

As for who Brizzi will support in the mayor’s race?

“I don’t know. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mayor Ballard but I wanted to be Mayor so I’m still kind of mad I didn’t run in 2007.  On the other hand, I don’t like Melina Kennedy.  She ran against me—can you believe someone would do that?!  But I’ve beaten her before so maybe I can run against her in 2015.  Er, I mean, she’s a super-tough opponent and she’s qualified,” said Brizzi.


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7 Responses to Brizzi’s Next Move: Legal Advice and Reputation Management?

  1. Matt Stone says:

    I have to hand it to ya gents. You did good on this one.

    Though as much as I disagree with oh-so-much with Carl, I think he’s a good radio host and I’m glad Crimebeat is going to continue.

  2. Thanks Matt. We actually like Carl’s show too. We just think he is a much better radio show host than a prosecutor at this point.

  3. Bleeding Blue says:

    Wow, I had to read this two times to make sure that it was the same blo that is normaly here.Very cool job,I have to say that I am surprised and somewhat encouraged to think that you are able to think on your own with out Dave Brooks direction.Nice job.Happy New year!

  4. Dave Brooks probably doesn’t even know about this blog and he certainly doesn’t direct us to do anything.

    You’ll notice that no one has gotten upset by the post. No comments defending Brizzi or saying we are jerks. That plus the fact that we wrote this should give you a pretty clear indication of how everyone feels about Carl Brizzi.

    Plus, he just opened himself up to be mocked with this reputation management nonsense.

  5. Matt Stone says:

    I wouldn’t go that far, WSP. While people who work within the system and people who pay close attention might hold that opinion of Brizzi, the general public might feel differently.

    When Brizzi had that 2 hour interview on WIBC, Larry Downes hosted an open lines segment right after. Of course, the Brizzi interview was the big topic. And even though presumably most of Downes audience listened to the interview preceding his show, the call ins were split 50-50. Several people even called it a “witch hunt”

    Brizzi might not be popular among politicos, but if he wanted to make an against-the-slate, primary run for a state legislature seat or something of the sorts, he could do that. It certainly helps that the “B” last name would put him first on the ballot.

  6. Matt, the mail pieces and television commercials for that campaign write themselves. There are some people who will support Brizzi regardless but the majority of voters minds could be changed with a well-funded media campaign.

    No one really wants to have to do that but you can bet that it would happen if Brizzi didn’t get the message to stay off the ballot.

  7. Bleeding Blue says:

    Brizzi may do well at this new venture.He has done a fantastc job of keeping out of trouble.It may all catch up later on,but for the time being he did a good job. Brizzi is a master spinner.Great post you guys,

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