Curry Cleaning House

As we told you earlier, folks at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) have been waiting to hear who will get the boot from incoming Prosecutor Terry Curry.  We speculated some division heads might get a pink slip, and as of yesterday, a few were told to clean out their desks by this Friday. 

Most were normal suspects, but two on the list we got were somewhat of a surprise.  Curry told Larry Brodeur, Chief of the Narcotics Division and Ed Zych, DUI Prosecutor to hit the road yesterday. 

Brodeur was instrumental in bringing to light the sweetheart plea deal between outgoing Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and his business partner who also is a defense attorney, Paul Page.  That case involved a steroid dealer represented by Page.  Despite Brodeur’s strongly worded email to Brizzi warning him against such a lenient plea deal, Brizzi not only authorized a weak plea, he also returned $10,000 of cash forfeited from the dealer.  The plea deal was made just a year after Page cut Brizzi in on a deal involving real estate in Elkhart.  We here at WSP thought Brizzi would fire Brodeur, not Curry.  Wonder what Curry is worried about?

Ed Zych has been a long-time DUI prosecutor and is well respected throughout the state.  He has a very high conviction rate and frequently trains prosecutors all over the state on how to win tough drunk driving cases, including fatalities.  We are sure Ed will be highly sought after by Prosecuting Attorney’s all over the state.

One last one we heard about but will remain unnamed has us scratching our heads.  This individual is a great prosecutor, and isn’t a division head.  He never participated in Brizzi’s 2006 re-election campaign, nor helped out Mark Massa this year.  This individual did have an intimate relationship with another MCPO employee that ended a few years ago.  We know that MCPO employee was actively working to get Curry elected this year.  Sure hope she didn’t convince Curry to fire him because of a relationship gone sour…


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28 Responses to Curry Cleaning House

  1. Larry Brodeur is also head of rthe forfeiture unit and was involved with absconding millions of dollars that rightfully belonged to the common school fund. Firing is the very least that should happen to him. Hopefully Charles Miller will also be giving his walking papers for his involvement in the forfeiture fiasco..

    • Mr. GOP says:


      Why don’t you try and get a job there? I’m sure Curry could use all your “experience”.

      • Matt Stone says:

        Another swing and a miss from no-name GOP. I don’t think Paul has any real interest in turning to criminal law.

        I’m sure your buddy Brizzi is the golden boy of ethics, right Mr. GOP? We should take notes on how to run a county prosecutor’s office from him.

      • Don’t know you “Mr. GOP” but my guess is I have a lot more legal experience than you.

      • Matt, you would be correct, and you’re doubly correct if you’re talking about how the Maroin County Prosecutor’s Office has been run the last 8 years. But, you’re right, I don’t have an interest in criminal law. I do have an interest though in making sure our elected officials follow the law. It’s a shame Brizzi and Zoeller has never had an interest in that.

    • james says:

      Why do you always go on about forfeitures, Paul? Tell us, does your firm have an interest, financial or otherwise, in any pending forfeiture action?

      • Matt Stone says:

        It’s no secret that the firm Paul works for is suing several county prosecutors in relation to the lack of forfeiture funds for the state Common Schools fund. I’m not 100% certain if Paul is specifically working on the case, but he’s written about it.

      • james says:

        I am not asking about that lawsuit. I am asking if he or his firm has any specific interest, financial or otherwise, in any forfeiture actions currently pending. Simple question. Give us the simple answer.

      • Gee, James, did you not read the paper? My law firm filed a qui tam action against 78 county prosecutors for keeping money that did not belong to law enforcement agencies. Of course, the statute provides for compensation for the person who filed the lawsuit. I assure you though any cut we ever get in the event we win (which we will do) will be less than the 100% the prosecutors have been keeping for years.

        So, James, do you not have a problem with Brizzi, Brodeur and Charles Miller keeping millions of dollars that belong to the state’s schools? Just curious. If Attorney General Greg Zoeller were doing his job, he’d make them account for all the money they’ve pocketed over the years. Of course, Zoeller thinks his job is to look the other way while the state’s prosecutors violate the law.

      • james says:

        Nice deflection. I have heard of your lawsuit. The question is very simple. Do you or your firm have any interest in a pending forfeiture action. If so, which ones?

      • Retired IPD says:

        It’s pretty common knowledge that Broduer and Miller were going after some very powerful people, which just so happen to be associated with Ogden’s people. I won’t name names, but it starts with “pea” and ends with “shake.”

      • Jaxs says:

        Paul, care to confirm or deny Retired IPD’s statement? Are you guys representing the pea shakes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it true Jen Healy is being let go? I assume Curry must think she’s a Republican or loyal to Brizzi. I don’t know her political affiliation but based on what I do know, she’s one of the best prosecutors in town.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jen Haley left a few months ago to go to Corporation Counsel.

  3. “Of course, the statute provides for compensation for the person who filed the lawsuit. I assure you though any cut we ever get in the event we win (which we will do) will be less than the 100% the prosecutors have been keeping for years.

    Correction, I meant to put in parenthesis “which will be tough to do.” I’d be the first to tell you that it will be very, very difficult to win the lawsuit and if we don’t we will spend hundreds of hours on the case not getting a dime But the lawsuit has already accomplished one thing – it got Zoeller to get off the sidelines and actually advocate reform. Before Zoeller was perfectly content with prosecutors breaking the law by keeping 100% of the loot police officers can get their hands on.

  4. Visitor says:

    I think it is fairly clear that Ogden does not enjoy near the amount of support he claims amongst the “grassroots” of the Marion County GOP. Folks are tired of you Paul…

    Matt, I don’t kow you, but it is clear you are not very involved in the process. You must have better luck sitting at a computer typing than getting out and doing actual work.

    • Slick says:

      Dear Viz, You are out of your league. Dont know you,but Matt konws what is going on, nice try though..Troll

      • Slick, if Matt is going to dish it out, he’s also going to have to take it.

      • Matt Stone says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Slick.

        And to our host, I’ve got no problems with the trolls. I think, overall, they’re good for business.

      • Matt, we had no doubt you would handle it yourself.

    • Matt Stone says:

      Visitor, if you feel better for being a drone for TOJO or Carson or Treacy or whoever, more power to ya. I just find that type of “process” boring.

      And it’s true, you don’t “kow” me. That’s why I’m the one who gets out in the community and I try my best to report what’s going on and my take on it. I talk to people of all political stripes, and I try to do so as much as my schedule permits.

      And you, you’re just the guy hiding behind a computer monitor.

      When you wan to come out from hiding, come on over and say hi. I’m pretty easy to reach.

      • Guest says:

        Wow. A grammatical error. Great comeback.
        I took a look at your blog. I know who you are now. Trust me, watching Channel 16 and trolling the blogs with your friends Gary and Paul does not a difference make. I guarantee given the chance to work in a democrat administration, you would revel in being one of those “insiders” you currently despise.

        Problem is, just like Welsh and Ogden, you probably won’t get that chance.

        BTW- Tom John isn’t Chairman anymore. Move on.

  5. Matt Stone says:

    Whatever you want to think. I do what I do because I’ve been in journalism since high school and I love to write and get out and about in the community. I’m not out to change or position myself in any political party. Whatever other motivations you assign, that’s your M.O. But I’m not a part of any political party, as any of the Dems, GOPers, and LP people I talk to will attest to.

    I don’t despise anybody. I’ve had several professional conversations with Michael Huber and many others who work on the 25th floor and others who work within the county parties.

    I’m fine with my current employment. I know it might be an odd concept to you, but sometimes, people take time out of their schedules to do something they enjoy without expecting a monetary award.

    So what have you done, Obi-wan?

  6. foggy says:

    Is the above-mentioned Ed Zych the same Ed Zych that Geisinger Medical Center (Danville, PA) hired as a “litigation” attorney?

    • Cassidy says:

      Ed Zych apparently is #2 litigation attorney under #1 David(?) Felicio, at Geisinger Medical Center.

  7. Carmel says:

    Is Ed Zych “well respected” because he had a “high conviction rate”? While I do not doubt that Zych thoroughly enjoys “convicting” people, his methodology needs close scrutiny. As a lawyer at Geisinger Medical Center, he appears convinced that his law degree is a license to lie, and lie, and lie some more. Not even an elderly cancer patient (who filed a formal Grievance at Geisinger) was spared Zych’s incredibly careless, thoughtless, destructive falsehoods.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not the same Ed Zych – the Ed Zych who worked for Brizzi continues to be a respected prosecutor in Shelbyville.

  8. By the way, just because a Hosting Company advertises that it has 24 7 support does not necessarily mean that it really has that kind of service.

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