Indiana Democrat State Chair Speculation Swirls

Last week we noticed a post by our friends over at Indianapolis Times speculating on who will run for State Chair of the Indiana Democrats.  It should be noted that current Democrat State Chairman Dan Parker has indicated he will be staying on at least through the re-districting process.

Regardless, Indianapolis Times mentioned three individuals being talked about within the Democrat Party:  Former State Representative Russ Stillwell, 2010 Secretary of State candidate Vop Osili and former Jim Schellinger campaign manager Tim Jeffers. 

We seemed to be noting a trend in the commentary:  losing.  Stillwell was just unseated in the 2010 election cycle.  Vop Osili couldn’t beat Charlie White who ran for Secretary of State while not being able to properly register to vote and was County Chairman for a Party who sent out mail without a disclaimer.   And while Jeffers once was  the Chief of Staff to former Speaker John Gregg, he couldn’t even beat Jill Long Thompson in a primary which is really saying something. We’re sure these guys are all nice people but we don’t think any of them will have Republicans shaking in their boots. 

To be fair, the Democrats may not have anyone that have won any races in the last few years to pick from but this list should certainly be cause for concern for our Democrat friends.


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2 Responses to Indiana Democrat State Chair Speculation Swirls

  1. Bleeding Blue says:

    Who cares? now that Tom John is gone, all is right with the world

  2. Bleeding Blue , you are , as usual, off point. We are talking about the STATE parties not the COUNTY parties. Also Tom is a REPUBLICAN and we were talking about the DEMOCRATS.

    Let’s try to stay at least in the same world of topics here.

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