Governor Daniels Plays Footsie with the Presidential Race

Governor Daniels continues to keep his name in the mix for the Presidential race by commenting on national issues.  Over the weekend, we noticed a tweet from the @ForMitch twitter account linking to a WIBC story where Governor Daniels said he’ll be keeping a close eye on Presidential hopefuls and the attention they pay to the national debt.

“We don’t know who the field is,” Daniels told reporters at his Statehouse office last week. “We don’t know exactly what they’ll emphasize and what their depth of conviction and specificity of prescription will be about the problems that are bothering me, specifically the debt iceberg the nation’s heading for.”

Daniels said it could influence his decision if “somebody really grabs hold and is willing to deal     openly and honestly with the American people about what we’re up against” — and offers a constructive way to get out. But Daniels said it’s too soon to tell whether anybody fits that description.

Obviously the Governor wants his name out there and is, at a minimum, trying to push the potential contenders to address fiscal issues that he feels are important. Is he angling for more?  Is he going to run and just being coy about it?  Is he throwing his hat into the veepstakes? 

You tell us.  We’ve added a poll in the top right hand corner of the page.


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