Marion County Chairman Caucus Update

The Marion County Republican Party will hold a caucus to fill their County Chairman position.  Over the weekend, Gary Conner threw his hat in the ring.  He is a current city councilor in Lawrence.  As we’ve mentioned and virtually everyone that has any interest knows that Kyle Walker is running as well. 

There have been two interesting tidbits that have come up today and we assume there will be a few more happenings before the caucus actually begins. 

First, Matt Tully tweeted:

We hope it is not true that someone who is running for Marion County Republican Party Chair plans to trash the Republican Mayor and leader of the Marion County Republican Party in his speech to precinct committeemen.  We can guarantee that he will lose if that is his main strategy.  We understand Gary is upset that Mayor Ballard plans to support Kyle Walker.  What we do not understand is being so selfish that you would do something that hurts the Party that you are asking to lead.  It is pathetic.

Second, Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana is saying that appointed precinct committeemen are being threatened that they will be removed if they do not support Walker.  First, we haven’t heard anything like that.  Second, we doubt anyone is threatened enough by the Gary Conner for Chairman Campaign that they felt the need to threaten anyone.


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7 Responses to Marion County Chairman Caucus Update

  1. The best thing that could happen to the Marion County Republican Party is if Ballard is not renominated for a second term. He hasn’t a prayer of winning and his administration’s reckless spending, insider dealing, ethical lapses, and tax/fee increases has set back the party’s fortunes in this county by 20 years. Ballard is the worst kind of big spending liberal, the sort we Republicans rightly complain about. We shouldn’t support them simply because they choose to put an”R” by their name.

  2. Ogden, we get that you have an ax to grind. We heard you wanted a job with Corporation Counsel aka City Legal and did not get one. We’re not sure if that is true or not.

    What we do know is that when we want to know how the Republican Party can be successful, we won’t be asking you. You seem to have more of an agenda than the people you trash day after day in your crusade to get back at Mayor Ballard for whatever you think he did to you.

  3. Bleeding Blue says:

    So typical of the Mayor. Uses friends to get elected. Then once he is elected,they are kicked to the curb. I for one cannot wait to hear his speach. It may the first honest thing said at a Republcian meeting in years.I hope that someone tapes what Gary has to say, and play it over ,over and over again on youtube.

    You guys really think that you are above us all dont you?

    Typical Republican dare we have our own thoughts. We must walk to the beat of Davie Brooks,if not,you get called out ,like you are doing to Gary. How dare we have an original thought. Maybe you guys should listen to the folks who help get your boss elected in the first place.. the money wil dry up soon once the real polling number come out.Then lets see how you spin it.

  4. Bleeding Blue, a lot of people helped the Mayor. Sometimes you have to choose sides among friends especially since he clearly has a vested interest in who runs the Marion County Republican Party this year. He needs the most qualified candidate and has every right to speak up and say who he thinks that person would be.

    Have an orginal thought–we don’t have a problem with that. We’re just saying that it is pretty ridiculous to trash the Mayor because he doesn’t pick you as the most qualified to lead the Party.

    And damaging the Mayor and the Party that you claimed to support just a few days before you did not get an endorsement has nothing to do with what is best for the Marion County Republicans. This is about Gary being selfish.

  5. Bleeding Blue says:

    Yes a lot of people did help the Mayor and once he found out that they were of no help to him any longer or were not associated with a big giver he tossed them to the curb.

    Funny stuff. How dare Gary do what he did. The fact is that Gary did not do ecactly what you are Dave Brooks told him to do.How dare he have a original thought and go against the party.

    Gary being selfish.??..hmm do you really want to open that can of worms.I think that what Gary showed some balls and you just cannot stand the fact that a person can have an original view point.See you in NOvember.

    For the record,either one of these men would do a good job. Kyle will just bend over faster thats the only differance.

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  7. Gary Conner says:

    First, I never said a negative word about Mayor Greg Ballard in my speech for GOP County Chairman. That would have been counter productive and just plain wrong.

    Second, although I was angry when Greg had his Campaign Manager call to tell me that he would be getting in the middle of my race and supporting my opponent, I never say that I would be saying anything negative about Greg. Matt Tully added the “anti-Ballard” comment and you’ll notice that it is not in quotes. I did say that I believed my speech might rock Greg’s campaign.

    Here’s what I meant by that comment:

    In my speech I talked about Mayor Greg Ballard thanking me in his Victory Speech on election night. Greg thanked his family, his campaign staff and next he said, “I’d like to thank Gary Conner. Without Gary, this doesn’t happen.”

    By the way, I had several friend who told me to ask Greg for his endorsement for GOP County Chairman. I told them that I wouldn’t even consider asking him to get in the middle of it. I told them that I thought it wouldn’t be in Greg’s best interest to even get involved in a battle for County Chairman. Obviously, Greg thought differently.

    I was really caught off guard when Greg had his Campaign Manager call me. I would expect him to speak to me personally about such an important matter, that would effect someone who helped him as I did.

    In my speech I spoke about some of the things that I did to help get Greg Ballard elected. I also quoted Greg’s statements about my help to him. When I said that I thought my speech might rock his campaign, what I meant was that if I was helpful enough for him to mention in his Victory Speech on election night and he would treat me like this, I think others might be less likely to go out of their way to help him.

    I had several Republican including one extremely high profile leader would told me that they had the same kind of experience. Honestly, I would like to see Greg win re-election, but if he has treated too many people like this, it makes me wonder.

    On my desk I have the statement that says, “The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.”

    By the way, Greg Ballard has not even attempted to talk to me since that day.

    Also, it’s important to understand my state of mind at the time this was happening. Less than seven hours after I filed to run for GOP County Chairman, my wife was at a Girl Scout event with our daughter and fell from her chair with her heart stopped. Greg’s Campaign Manager contacting me while my wife was dieing in the Indiana Heart Hospital. My wife died two weeks later on Christmas Eve at age 48.

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