Ballard Holds Announcement Event

Yesterday morning, Mayor Greg Ballard held a campaign event where he announced he will seek a second term.  The event was held at the Indiana War Memorial which is also where he held his inauguration.  

With roughly 300 supporters in a packed room, Ballard’s speech focused on the accomplishments of his administration calling it “leadership at work” and stressing that Indianapolis “cannot go back” to how things were done in the prior administration.

In his speech, Mayor Ballard touted the following accomplishments among many others:

  • Honestly balanced the city budget each of the last three years
  • Leading the charge for property tax caps locally resulting in the average homeowner paying a third less in property taxes than in 2007
  • Reducing income taxes by nearly $7 million
  • Bringing the City’s bond rating to AAA
  • Retaining and creating over 35,000 jobs in Indianapolis
  • Newsweek called Indianapolis as one of the top 10 cities in America best poised for economic recovery
  • CNBC says Indianapolis is one of the 10 best cities to relocate to
  • Reduced violent crime rates by 10%
  • Dropped number of homicides in 2009 to the lowest level since 1995
  • Launched ReBuild Indy to invest $425M in infrastructure improvements across the City
  • Re-negotiating the consent decree to save taxpayers $740 million
  • Cleaned up a 200-case backlog of discrimination cases left by the Peterson administration
  • Upgraded city pools and parks; expanded walk and bike trails, and other cultural amenities

The night before, the Ballard campaign held a fundraiser Abdul estimated raised $250,000. It sounds to us as though Mayor Ballard’s campaign is officially in full swing.  Now let’s see what the Democrats do.


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One Response to Ballard Holds Announcement Event

  1. Bleeding Blue says:

    It was a great speech. Till he went Howard Dean on us!

    MAYOR OF INDIANAPOLPIS…that will make for great youtube content

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