Mike Delph Fueling the Fire on Potential Match-Up Against Lugar

Today Mike Delph did a blog post due to “numerous local and national media inquiries regarding 2012 speculation”.  You can read the full post but he basically said he won’t decide until sometime in 2011 and took the opportunity to take Senator Lugar to task for his support of the DREAM Act.

He did, however, show the TEA Party some love with this:

I continue to pray for Senator Lugar, his staff, our state and our nation in the hopes that we turn back to what made this country great: Faith, Freedom, Family, and a Federal government of limited and enumerated power.

We’re sure he will do those things.  We’re also sure that he’ll be working to find out if he can find the financial support to make a run against Senator Lugar who has $2.37 million in the bank.  That’s right, we said $2.37 million. So our guess is that Delph will not be able to raise the money to get the job done but may run anyway. 

And the TEA Party has been saying Lugar is arrogant and out of touch?  Sounds like the TEA pot calling the kettle black.


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2 Responses to Mike Delph Fueling the Fire on Potential Match-Up Against Lugar

  1. GOP Chick says:

    Let Delph run and lose, and let’s elect a moderate in the IN Senate in his place. Enough with this crazy right wing control of the IN Senate.

  2. Well, we can agree with that. Unfotunately, the state senate has four year terms. Since Delph was elected in 2010 for a new term, he won’t have to give up his seat in order to run.

    Now if he is running full-time some will say he SHOULD give up the seat but we doubt he does it.

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