Tom John Officially Steps Down as Marion County Republican Chair

Today in an email sent out from the Marion County Party, Tom John officially resigned his position noting the significant time commitment required to be County Chair and the desire to spend more time focused on family and work.  He also noted that he believes no one should stay in the position for too long insisting his resignation had nothing to do with the losses this November.

Tom cited some of the successes of the past years including taking the mayor’s seat and the council in 2007 as well as reclaiming House District 89 and the Wayne township trustee’s office in 2010.

Abdul says a new chair has to be elected within 30 days with 10 days notice to precinct committeemen of the caucus so that means the vote will take place prior to New Years Eve.

Tom John told Jon Murray of the Indy Star that he will not endorse a candidate.  He did, however, give his analysis of what the job requires in his email to the organization:

First, as all previous chairmen and I know, this office is a heavy burden to carry when also working another job to earn a living.  This is even truer in a municipal cycle.  Thus, I suggest that our next Chairman be able to commit all or nearly all of their time to being chairman.  Secondly, another important aspect of being chairman is that the chairman should know and understand our entire organization, whether that is from experience as a member of the organization or candidate or such other experience.  Third, it is important to look for someone familiar with all aspects of the office’s responsibilities, including running campaigns, raising money, and the very important nuts and bolts of ensuring we have poll workers and completely filled PC and Ward Chair positions.  Finally, and in my mind most importantly, this person must have demonstrated a history of love of and dedication to our city and our party.  Ultimately, that grit and passion will help them through the tough times and help us win elections in the face of significant challenges.

Kyle Walker still remains the main name floating around and it has been said he would seek a paid chairmanship.  We’re sure there are others who would as well.  We will post our job description for Marion County Chairman later this afternoon.


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3 Responses to Tom John Officially Steps Down as Marion County Republican Chair

  1. Slick says:

    This is a very sad day in the history of Indianapolis. Tom John has done a great job for the party and I hate to see him go. He got our Mayor elected and given us some great leadership.His knowledge of politics is incredable and he shoudl be thanked for all of his dedicated work.

    I hope that he stays around the party and helps direct Kyle in the future. Between Tom and Dave Brooks our party has become strong again. God bless you Tom and all that you have done for us.

    Dont let those folks like Paul Ogden get you down.He doesnt know what he is talking about.He makes things up a lot.Tom has given us great candidates over the past year, Fishburn,Massa,Marvin Scott and Jana Scott. These were all great candidates that shoudl have won.

  2. Let’s be honest, Marvin Scott is not nor will he ever be a great candidate. Massa was the real deal though.

    • Viana says:

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