Governor Daniels Focused on Education Reform

Today Governor Mitch Daniels spoke to the Indianapolis Rotary.  According to the Jon Murray of the  Indy Star, he spoke generally about local government reform, balancing the budget and education reform.  It sounds as though education reform really was the focal point of the speech with the Governor saying, this legislative session is “the year when we really make a move for greatness”.

Daniels is looking for flexibility to reward the best teachers and get rid of the worst.  According to Abdul who attended the speech, Daniels said only .2% of teachers were let go for performance reasons.  I think most folks can agree that more than .2% of employees in virtually any profession are probably not performing at the highest standards.  Daniels also said he wants to streamline regulations to give local school administrations more flexibility to make their schools better.

The final piece is to provide more education options for parents through charter schools and other initiatives to help parents get their kids in the best possible school for the child.

As Matt Tully noted last month, now is the time to get serious about education reform.  In that article, the Governor said Indiana can be the national leader in education reform.  With a majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate, Governor Daniels has the tools to get the job done.


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