A Little Housekeeping…

We just wanted to make a few comments before getting into some local news today.

First, we noticed that the comments section says that an email address is required to post a comment.  It is not.  We have no idea why it says that and we are going to get it fixed.  We wanted everyone to know you can comment anonymously so feel free to jump in the conversation.   We don’t care where you work since we post from the office too.

Second, we set up a twitter account so you can keep up with us throughout the day easily.  You can follow us at WashStPolitics.

Third, thanks to any new readers today.  We got a bit of a boost since Abdul Hakim-Shabazz mentioned us and we appreciate it.  Everyone is welcome here even if we don’t always agree.

Stay tuned.


About Washington Street Politics
Covering policy and politics from end to end of Washington Street in Indianapolis

One Response to A Little Housekeeping…

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