Straub to Officers: Enough is Enough

Over the weekend, Russ McQuaid obtained a recording in which Public Safety Director Frank Straub told officers at the police academy that he has had enough—Enough of officers driving drunk, enough of officers taking bribes and generally enough of the 1% of police officers that are giving all of IMPD a bad name.

It sounds as if the trigger for the conversation was the latest allegation of impropriety being that an officer robbed a stripper.  Straub referenced the incident and basically said it isn’t going to be tolerated and that this officer was going to be arrested. 

After the investigation into this incident was completed, it sounds as if this specific instance was not a case of police misconduct but instead a dispute over off duty work

McQuaid seems to think this incident is a black mark on Straub. Should Straub have waited until the investigation was complete?  Yes.  Can we understand his outrage at this point?  Absolutely.  This is getting ridiculous.  It sounds like Straub was trying to do his job and send a much needed message that this nonsense is not going to be tolerated.

The point is that a thorough investigation was completed.  Accusations will be followed up on and proper action will take place whether that means clearing an innocent officer or arresting a guilty one.  Ninety percent of the police officers are working hard to protect our community—I’m sure they can understand Straub’s outrage at the other one percent giving all of them a bad name.


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