Mourdock Squaring Off Against Lugar

As previously covered by Politico, Jim Shella, Advance Indiana and Brian Howey (who first reported the development), it sounds like Richard Mourdock is gearing up to challenge Senator Richard Lugar. While Mourdock claims he is simply taking some time clear off his desk, we’re hearing he is actually taking time to put together a kitchen cabinet and assembling a team to make a run for the seat.

We’re also hearing that Governor Mitch Daniels isn’t happy.  First things first, the Governor has made clear that he’d like everyone to focus on the legislative session and try to keep their mouth shut about future ambitions.  It didn’t sound like he meant just the Governor’s race.  He has an ambitious legislative agenda and needs all hands on deck focused on getting the job done.

Secondly, the Governor started his career working for Lugar.  He started as an intern for Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar and eventually was Chief of Staff for Lugar the Senator. Daniels was Lugar’s campaign manager three times and served as the Executive Director of the NRSC when Lugar was the chairman.  The point is that they don’t make political relationships that go back further than this.

While Governor Daniels may be a bit skittish about getting involved in the Governor’s race since he clearly has his eye on the Oval Office but you can bet that he is not going to let folks go after the Senior Senator without any consequences.


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