Curry: Everyone Must Go

Terry Curry:  You're FiredThere has been a lot of speculation regarding exactly what Terry Curry is going to do over at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office with regard to current employees. While there has been a lot of talk about the corruption over there, most agree the problem is at the top with Carl Brizzi.

That said, most also believe that the rank and file prosecutors have been doing a tough job day in and day out under some difficult circumstances thanks to Brizzi’s actions. Apparently, Terry Curry disagrees.

Word on the street is that Curry will be collecting resumes from literally every single one of the roughly 350 employees in the office. Throughout the summer months, there were rumors floating around that Curry intended to completely clean house and fire everyone. We assumed this was just the heat of the campaign talking and that Curry was a reasonable guy.

It is absolutely crazy to force the hard-working staff of the office to re-apply for their positions. Are there folks that it is acceptable to interview within the office? Absolutely. It is common for department heads to come under scrutiny during a change in administration.

This is a completely different level and is frankly ridiculous. If you ask us, this is a Democrat taking advantage of the situation to do a witch hunt and weed out Republicans.


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