Ballard Appoints Marc Lotter City Communications Director

As previously reported, Friday was Robert Vane’s last day as Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director for Mayor Greg Ballard. Marc Lotter will leave his current post as Communications Director for Indiana Workforce Development and serve as Communications Director toward the end of the month.

Lotter served as Communications Director for the Indiana Republican Party, Press Secretary for Mitch Daniels’ 2004 campaign and Communications Director for Governor Daniels. Prior to his political and government work, Lotter worked as a network tv producer including a stint at WRTV.

Anyone wondering if Ballard was running for re-election need look no further than this move. This is a smart move for a campaign that is going to need someone on 25 driving a positive message and sidestepping the landmines. The Ballard Team certainly has their hands full but they are moving in the right direction.

UPDATE:  Marc Lotter just emailed us and let us know that he worked at WRTV not WTHR.  Corrected above.


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    • We like to think so but we also think some folks would disagree!

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